Old Boys Association


The Soaks Old Boys Association is a brotherhood of past and present Soaks boys. The initiative has been created to support past and present players remain in contact and in extending their Soaks experience beyond their playing days.

Through the ‘SOAKS OLD BOYS’ you can:
• Stay in touch
• Find team mates
• Book and attend Soaks Old Boys events
• Organise your own Soaks Old Boys events
• Join and access the Soaks Old Boys Business Directory
• Access Soaks Old Boys mentors

There is no cost to join and you will not be targeted for sponsorship. The only commitment you make is to support your Soaks team mates with time should you be asked for guidance or advice.

Get in Contact:
Website: www.soaksoldboys.com.au

Email: soaksoldboys@gmail.com 

Twitter: @SoaksOldBoys

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