Viva 7’s

Don’t feel like finishing rugby just yet?

Viva Touch 7s Centre is coming to Allen Park this Spring and Summer. Viva Touch 7s is a form of Touch Rugby more akin to Union than League, and is a great way to keep the fitness up in a fun and social format.

We see this as a genuine opportunity to keep our existing members enjoying the club, get more people involved in the club, and also introduce an easy and fun version of rugby to newbies.

Perhaps you’ve got some friends who are interested but haven’t made the jump to Saturday rugby? Bring them down to play Viva Touch 7s instead.


What is Viva Touch 7s?

Think Touch Rugby, but with more flow. For instance, if you’re touched, you’ve got 2 seconds or 2 steps to pass. You can kick at any time too.

How long is a game?

7 minute halves, with a minute or so turnaround.

How many per team?

7 on the field at any one time, as many reserves as you like.

Who can play?

Anyone. Boys, girls, kids, youth, fading youth, middle-aged, elder statesmen … you get the idea.

Who makes up the teams?

You do. Grab a bunch of friends, make up a name and register. You can be a mix of ages, sexes and ability. Whatever works for you.

So you don’t have to be a member of Soaks?

You don’t need to be an existing member, but you will have to register (more on that below). We want to cast the net far and wide, and introduce our great club to more people. Hopefully some will join us to play contact rugby in 2018.

When does the season run?

It’ll be run each Wednesday night from 11 October until the end of November. The first two weeks will be ‘Come & Try’ sessions, followed by a 10 week competition.

**Viva Touch 7s will be run on the Junior wind-up, Sunday 10 September 12-3pm** 

Will there be different divisions?

<pYes, but it all depends on what kind of teams we get registering. We hope to have enough for Junior, Senior, Social & Mixed grades.  We expect each team to play 2-3 games per session, plus social games that anyone can join in.

What time on Wednesdays?

5:30pm for juniors and 6.30pm for adults, finishing up around 8pm. There will be social matches for parents whilst the juniors are playing.

How much does it cost? 

$75 per person.

Will the bar be open?

Oh yes.

What about food?

Yes, it’ll run very much like Thursday nights have been throughout the season.

I’m quite an awesome rugby player. Will there be some kind of prize?

Probably not.

OK, I’m in. What do I do next?

You register at Click ‘Register to Play’, and then search for ‘Allen Park’. If you’re an existing registered player you use your Rugby ID as a login.

I’m not very good with computers, and I’m quite lazy. Any other solution?

We will be registering people at the Come & Try sessions.

Do you need volunteers?

Great of you to ask! Yes, we would appreciate help with a number of things:

– first off, start or join a team. Think of friends from school, Uni, work etc
– spread the word. Maybe you have leads into local schools, universities, other sporting clubs, businesses, media etc. Get in touch so we can help you with flyers etc.

If you want to get more involved …

– we need a few referees and you can become one by just completing this free and easy online course:

– we will need assistance in other fields like Game day operations, registrations, equipment supervisor, marketing, social media and sponsorship. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

Who can I speak to for more information?

Bill Bowyer –; 0419 622 267

or visit our Facebook page:


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